About Schwartz & Park, L.L.P.

Committed to the Hays, Kansas Community

We have spent our professional careers serving the Hays community and the Northwest Kansas region, and have joined forces to offer our combined knowledge, experience, and advocacy in a full-service law firm.

The people who walk through the doors of Schwartz & Park, L.L.P. seeking legal counsel are more than just clients: they are friends, neighbors, and members of this community. We understand that the issues for which our clients seek our help are more than just legal problems to be solved. These issues often have an effect on every aspect of our clients’ lives. We offer the legal advice and the advocacy our clients are looking for, but we consider it our responsibility to offer more. Mindful of the emotional, social, and financial impact of a legal action on clients and their families, we guide our clients through not just complex legal situations, but the stresses that go along with them.

Our Approach to Cases

Our clients come to us with a variety of legal issues: divorce and family law, criminal charges, estate planning needs, business disputes, and more. No matter the nature of the case, we take a comprehensive approach to advocating for our clients.

First, we listen. We need to know the factual details that will affect the legal case, but equally important, we need to hear what our clients’ concerns and questions are, and what their goals are for the outcome of the case. Often, that means asking clients at the outset of representation what they imagine a successful resolution would be. When we understand what our clients need, we can better develop a plan to meet those needs.

Second, we answer questions. Much of the anxiety surrounding legal matters comes from dealing with the unknown. With our legal knowledge and experience, we help our clients know what to expect, and give them the answers they need to make informed decisions.

Third, we develop a plan of action based on the circumstances, our clients’ needs, and our knowledge of the legal system. We meticulously prepare to pursue our clients’ goals, and we keep our clients informed of every development in their case. It is important to us to be accessible and responsive to our clients’ concerns, as well as efficient with their resources.

Lastly, we advocate for our clients. We know that a well-negotiated settlement can often achieve the desired outcome with less expense and stress than going to trial. However, we are also experienced litigators, and if we believe a proposed settlement is not in our client’s best interest, we will not hesitate to take the matter to trial.

When our clients look back at the outcome of their case, years down the road, our goal is for them to be satisfied with their representation. To learn more about our practice and our approach to cases, we invite you to contact us using our online contact form. We look forward to working with you.