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Alivia Inlow

Alivia joined Schwartz & Park in 2024. As a lifelong resident of Hays, she is excited to help the community that has shaped her into the person she has become. With her positive attitude and welcoming personality, she is ready to assist the firm… Read More
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Alyssa Long

Phone 1: (785) 625-0024
Fax: (785) 261-9044
Alyssa joined Schwartz & Park in 2020. Her welcoming attitude and excellent organizational skills made her an outstanding Bookkeeper and Receptionist for the firm. However, it was her interest in the law and her desire to help see clients through… Read More
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Cristen Edwards

Cristen joined Schwartz & Park in 2023 as a Bookkeeper and Receptionist. She is very personable and enjoys making connections with others. Her attention to detail and organizational skills help her succeed in her current position. Cristen graduat… Read More
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Heidi Gerhard

Phone 1: (785) 625-0024
Fax: (785) 261-9044
Heidi Gerhard has been working in the legal field for 10 years and has been with Schwartz & Park, L.L.P. since the firm’s inception. As a lifelong resident of the Hays area, she has strong ties to the community. Heidi began her legal career as… Read More
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Sydney Winston

Phone 1: (785) 625-0024
Fax: (785) 261-9044
Sydney joined Schwartz & Park in 2021 as a Paralegal Assistant. She began working in the legal field in 2016, where she specialized in probate, estate planning, real estate and business matters. At Schwartz & Park, Sydney has had the opportun… Read More
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